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At The Studio on Bridge, we believe that our hair is worthy of no less respect than any other aspect of our health & nutrition, which is why we use the hair & earth-friendly products of Davines!

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As a living part of our bodies, our hair requires regular nourishment from natural treatment and wholesome care in order to achieve its absolute best. As a way of life in general, we believe nourishing our bodies & minds -- and our hair! -- is essential to healing our lives overall, and the eco-friendly ways of Davines take us one step further in the mission of improving the world around us.


Our product line of choice, Davines, is truly a beautiful product, inside and out! From top to bottom, the entirety of the Davines product line is manufactured in “all green” facilities, which basically means they are powered by 100% clean energy sources… We think that’s pretty cool and truly amazing.


Davines is an Italian line of products that is imported directly from their development facilities in Italy. This product line, which started as a research laboratory in Parma, Italy in 1983, was founded with the goal of producing high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide. After a decade of research & development, and honing their expertise, the Davines developers created their own brand of hair care products exclusively for salons. (And we are so grateful they did!)


At The Studio on Bridge, we are firm believers in supporting local businesses, and thus we encourage you all to come to beautiful Dublin Village, indulge in the deliciously healthy juices of Vitality, relax with a spa treatment at Jacobsen’s Skin and Body Care, and to experience the many other great businesses around us! Likewise, Davines supports 9 farms throughout Italy from which they procure the ingredients needed for these products.  


By the way, did we mention that all Davines products are sulfate-free, paraben-free and healthy for your hair and body.


"Beautiful and good”... this was the ancients' way of defining the unity between exterior and interior beauty. In the world of natural hair care, Davines is the true benchmark against which all others are compared, and truly is the hair care version of sustainable beauty and 'beautiful & good'.


By creating this sustainable beauty, the Davines creators continue to succeed in their efforts to encourage people to take care of themselves, of the world in which they live, and of the things they love. At The Studio on Bridge, we uphold these virtues… We believe in the importance of living a healthy, natural life every day, and with that, we believe in healthy, natural products. We believe in supporting the community in which we live, and helping our world become eco-friendlier every day. And, of course, we love making happy hair, and we love Davines!... And we think you will, too.

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